a break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone servicesa break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone services

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a break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone services

VoIP, digital and analog telephone services are all an option these days. So, how do you know what type of telephone service is best to suit your needs? Whether for home, or for business, the best option is not the same for everyone. You can learn about all three telephone services on my website. You will learn how they work, what equipment you might need and how it could have an impact on your quality and cost of service each year. Hopefully, after you see the breakdown of each type of telephone service, you will know exactly what changes need to be made to improve your service.

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Repairing, Protecting, And Preventing Damage To Your Iphone Screen

Certain smartphones, such as the iPhone, still do not have screens that will not break the minute you accidentally drop your phone. In fact, iPhone repair is still doing a steady stream of business because of the damage that phone users accidentally incur on these devices. If you own such a phone, you may be in danger of dropping it and breaking it. Here is how to protect it, prevent damage, and repair it if you have already broken the screen. 

Encase It

Nothing prevents damage better than wrapping your phone inside a drop-proof case. There are many different brands of cases you can buy for your smartphone, but you have to look for the ones that promise to protect the corners of your phone as well as the sides. These particular cases are especially good at preventing the cracked screen glass that results from dropping the phone and having it hit on a corner rather than an edge. Phones are more likely to hit their corners when dropping than to land flat on a face or hit from the side. Ergo, a phone case that fully encases the phone and protects the corners as well as the sides is what you want. 

Use a Glass Shield

Glass shields look like thin sheets of plexiglass. They do not look like anything that would protect your phone's screen at all. However, the way these screen shields are designed works two-fold. One, the shield actually absorbs the impact energy, transferring impact energy away from the screen. The screen never feels much of the impact, nor does the screen respond to an impact drop by cracking. Two, the shield will actually hold the cracked glass of your phone together until you can replace the screen. In this instance, it may seem pointless to buy a screen shield when the glass is already cracked, but when you understand that the shield keeps the screen from breaking further, it is worth the cost. 

Repair It

Finally, when you have to repair the screen on your phone, and/or you finally get around to repairing it, take your phone to a reputable repair technician only. Do not attempt to DIY your own smartphone screen repair, as these devices are constructed in such a way that you have to pull them apart and put them back together without damaging much else. A repair technician knows how to do this.