a break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone servicesa break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone services

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a break down of VoIP, digital and analog telephone services

VoIP, digital and analog telephone services are all an option these days. So, how do you know what type of telephone service is best to suit your needs? Whether for home, or for business, the best option is not the same for everyone. You can learn about all three telephone services on my website. You will learn how they work, what equipment you might need and how it could have an impact on your quality and cost of service each year. Hopefully, after you see the breakdown of each type of telephone service, you will know exactly what changes need to be made to improve your service.

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Don't Dismiss Voip For Business Use Over Common Misconceptions

As you decide which business telephone system to choose, you may have dismissed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because of some negative commentary you've heard. Many people have misconceptions about this relatively new technology because it's not similar to systems they're familiar with. Learn about these misconceptions so you can make an informed decision.

About VoIP

VoIP converts analog audio communication to digital data for transmission over the Internet. The system can use converters on regular phones, specialized phones or computers -- or a combination of these systems.

Common Misconceptions

Poor-Quality Sound

People have generally sacrificed a certain level of quality by trading in landlines for cell phones. This isn't a problem with VoIP as long as you choose wired technology for your office. The service provider makes sure you have enough bandwidth to support the system so that everyone gets high-quality sound. 

When using VoIP as a mobile system, you'll get similar sound quality as you would with a cell phone. You don't need to use your cell phone, which can cost you in minutes. You can take calls with your laptop or tablet using a headset and microphone, and VoIP can send your Voicemail to your email inbox. 

Security Risk

VoIP providers increasingly use highly effective encryption so that nobody can hack into the system. Ask the providers you talk with about their security measures so you know you're choosing a service with unbreakable parameters.

Issues With Reliability

Internet reliability issues usually are associated with wireless technology that can be negatively affected by anything from bad weather to solar flares. Wired Internet systems are highly reliable, which means your VoIP system will be as well. 

Extra Expense

VoIP actually tends to be less expensive than other business phone systems. It's integrated into the Internet service you already have; you don't need an additional phone service and another monthly bill.

It's a misconception that VoIP requires ordering each feature piecemeal. Like other affordable phone systems, you can purchase a service package with Voicemail, call forwarding and other features that fit your particular needs. 

If you aren't ready to upgrade to new phones, your employees can use the desk phones they currently have. 

The Companies Have No Real Track Record

It's true that some companies offering VoIP are very new. However, you can also choose one that's been around for decades, providing more traditional business phone service to thousands or even millions of organizations. Another option is choosing a business phone company that is relatively new but has an excellent reputation for product quality and customer service. 

For more information, contact Tele-Plus or a similar company.